While the goal of SeedLeaf is to help manage your microgreens crop planning needs, it can also help you manage your customers. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind about customers.

First, let’s take a look at the customer information required for crop planning. Ready?

  1. Customer Name

That’s right, technically you just need your customer name to place an order! However, there are two other customer elements that are useful for reporting and order planning:

  1. Customer Type (e.g., grocer, restaurant, farmers market)
  2. Customer Pricing (retail or wholesale)

Adding a customer “type” to each of your customers allows you to see your sales by customer “type” (coming soon!) in your reporting which is useful in better understanding how are your sales are distributed between your different customer types.

With customer pricing, you can have different types of pricing for different types of customers that will autofill when placing an order (coming soon!).

Your customer page also holds other important customer information such as their contact details and web address. Additionally, we have added fields for delivery instructions and payment instructions that is useful for recording specific details for each customer.

You may have customers with multiple locations and these should be entered as separate customers in SeedLeaf. So you might have “Jane’s Cafe – Main Street” and “Jane’s Cafe – Kitsilano” which makes organizing your deliveries much easier.

And that’s it for customers!


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