Microgreens Crop Planner

Crop planning is essential for the success of your microgreens business.

SeedLeaf is your microgreens crop planning partner…

The Art of Growing


SeedLeaf is an easy-to-use online crop planning platform to help you manage your weekly microgreens crop production, customer orders, and financial planning. An Urban Micro project.

What Does SeedLeaf Do?

Crop Forecasting

SeedLeaf will create weekly crop sowing projections based on your expected orders and individual crop yields to help you sow the right amount each week.

Cost Management

(In deelopment) SeedLeaf will help you keep track of your seed, soil, and packaging costs to support accurate budgeting and financial planning.

Order Management

SeedLeaf helps you manage your orders with ease through client management options like standing orders, product mixes and customer categories.

Crop Database

SeadLeaf comes preloaded with an editable database of 25 crops which includes individual crop sowing rates, expected yields, and growth days.

Production Statistics

SeedLeaf gives you real-time crop production data such as individual crop yields, sales across customer and crop types, input costs per harvest, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Check the day’s packing and deliveries, or input new orders quickly when you’re away from the computer with an easy-to-use interface.

SeedLeaf Features

Today’s Tasks

SeedLeaf breaks down tasks on a daily basis, keeping your production flow simple and easy to follow. Soaking, sowing, harvest, and more…

Crop Buffers

SeedLeaf will help make sure you have just the right amount of crop to harvest for your order, and just a bit more for new orders and samples.

Order Summaries

SeedLeaf produces a list of all your orders on harvest day, making it easy to packs and sort your deliveries. Print your order list for quick reference.

Automatic Ordering

Enter an order, choose your frequency, then let SeedLeaf take care of assigning the tasks. Set it and forget (well, regular order reviews are a good idea).

Harvest Summaries

SeedLeaf breaks down your harvest into different crops and package sizes to ensure you have everything ready for your deliveries and farmers markets.


Get detailed reports on sales and crop production to help you manage your business. View on screen or export

SeedLeaf Subscription Plans

Home Grower

Price: Free!

Full-featured Crop Planner
Plan for up to 10 crops
3 “customers”
Live tray “products” only

Kick Ass

Price: $100 annually

Full-featured Crop Planner Unlimited number of crops Preloaded with 25 crops
Unlimited number of products Unlimited number of customers On-screen & downloadable reports
Season-planning templates
Regular Q and A webinar

Super Kick Ass

Price: TBD

In Development

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We are still in the development stage of SeedLeaf platform but we plan to start beta testing in late 2021. Sign up below and join the SeedLeaf beta testing team!

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Curious about the kinds of features you will find with SeedLeaf? Check out our Microgreens Crop and Financial Planning Spreadsheet and start crop planning now!