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How much time do you waste keeping your microgreens business organized?

What would you rather be doing with your time?

SeedLeaf is an easy-to-use online microgreens management system to help you plan and manage your weekly crop production, customer orders, deliveries, and financial planning.

Designed for microgreens growers at all scales, SeedLeaf will help streamline your operation in ways you didn't even know were possible.


Crop Production Planning

SeedLeaf will create weekly crop sowing projections based on your expected orders and individual crop yields to help you sow the right amount each week.

Order Management

SeedLeaf helps you manage your orders with ease through client management options like standing orders, product types, and customer categories.

Data Exports

Export your Tasks and Deliveries for easy printing and sharing, and export your Order Reports for a more detailed data breakdown and analysis.

Crop Database

SeedLeaf comes preloaded with an editable database of 43 crops which includes individual crop sowing rates, expected yields, and growth days.

Mobile Friendly

Check the day’s packing and deliveries, or input new orders quickly when you’re away from the computer with an easy-to-use interface.

Sales Reports

SeedLeaf breaks down your sales by customer, products, and size to give you a comprehensive look at your financials

Seed Lot Tracking

Add Seed Lot numbers to your Soaking and Sowing Tasks for a more audit-ready system. This system makes for easy traceability for recalls and audits.

Advanced Task Completion

Accurately record all your Crop production activities to generate detailed production reports with expected and actual data and custom notes.

Production & Packaging Reports

Produce advanced reports based on your Task completion, allowing you to trace Products to Seed Lots and Seed Lots to Products

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Hobby Plan


30-day free trial!
SeedLeaf crop planner
Daily task planner
Task list check boxes
Preloaded with over 40 seeds & crops
Add and customize seeds & crops
Unlimited products
Product blends
Up to 5 active customers
Unlimited harvests per week

Business Plan

Business Plan

$125 US/year

Hobby Plan plus:
Unlimited customers
Recurring orders
Weekly task view
Task export to PDF
Exportable sales report
Exportable delivery report
Exportable crop production report
Access to the popular Urban Micro financial planning spreadsheets
More features coming soon!

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

Price TBD

Details coming soon!


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