SeedLeaf Microgreens Crop Planner is an online crop planning and order management tool designed to help simplify your day-to-day operations as a microgreens grower. 

Designed by microgreens growers for microgreens growers, its simple, intuitive, and flexible interface makes it easy to learn and easy to use – freeing up your time and improving your production workflow.

Using your custom seed, crop, and product information, SeedLeaf performs all your crop production calculations – including product mixes – then generates daily crop production, harvest, packing, and delivery tasks and sales reports. Try SeedLeaf Now.

$125 US/year or Free Hobby Plan!

Key Features of SeedLeaf Microgreens Crop Planner:

Seeds & Crops

SeedLeaf comes preloaded with 43 customizable seeds and crops. Edit existing crops and add your own for a customized crop list to meet your needs.

Retail Products

Create live and packaged products with multiple variants and individual sizes and prices. Easy naming options give you flexibility for a diverse product line.

Mix Calculator

Create product mixes and SeedLeaf will calculate how much of each crop to sow to fulfill your orders. SeedLeaf does all the complex math so you don’t have to – and no spreadsheet errors!

Flexible Ordering

Enter one-time, weekly, and bi-weekly customer orders to generate daily production tasks. Edit orders on a one-time or recurring basis.

Customer Management

Store all your customer information in SeedLeaf to easily place new orders; add delivery and payment instructions as well as other notes for each customer.

Task Generator

SeedLeaf generates weekly soaking, sowing, uncovering and harvesting tasks for each of your crops – so you always know how much to sow and when.

Harvest Reports

SeedLeaf generates harvest reports, sorted by product and size for easy packing at harvest. You will always know how much of each product to pack.

Delivery Reports

SeedLeaf generates delivery reports, listed by customer, product, product size, and price – making it easy to prepare for deliveries and invoices. Delivery routes coming soon!

Sales Reports

SeedLeaf generates sales reports over customizable time periods by customer, product, and product size for an over view of your revenue.

Fully Customizable

SeedLeaf is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to fully customize your crops, products, and customers to meet your particular needs.

Then $125 US/year or Free Hobby Plan!