SeedLeaf is flexible in that it allows for both retail Customers and farmers markets.

Farmers Market Orders

Orders are placed the same for farmers markets as they are for any other Customer; however, you will have to estimate how much you think you can sell at each market. At first, this can be difficult but after several markets you’ll get a better sense of how much you can sell at your market.

Farmers market sales tend to fluctuate throughout the year, so try to anticipate when you need to increase or decrease your farmers market Orders. Here is a screen shot of what a farmers market order might look like: 


You can also plan for samples at farmers markets using a customized Product or by using a Virtual Customer

Here is how to create a custom Product for farmers market samples:

  1. Go to Products and click the “Add” button to create new Product.
  2. Give your Product a name that makes sense to you and for its use as a sample:
    • e.g., “Farmers Market Samples – Sunflower, 400g”
    • e.g., “Farmers Market Samples – Pea, 300g”
    • In this example we added the product weight to the name since it may be a weight that is not consistent with your other pricing conventions, but this is up to you.
  3. Choose whatever size you want the product to be (Small, Medium, or Large), though we recommend choosing “Large”.

  4. Determine the amount of Product you want for samples and enter that as the weight.

  5. Enter price of the product as $0.
  6. Save


When you enter your farmers market Order into SeedLeaf you can now differentiate your Crops allocated for samples from your Crops allocated to Products.

You can also use a Virtual Customer to create farmers market samples (which can be combined with the customized Products above). Here’s how:

  1. Go to Customers and click the “Add” button to create a new Customer
  2. Name the Customer appropriately.
    1. e.g., Farmers Market Sample Customer
  3. Categorize the Customer as either “Farmers Market” or “Virtual Customer” – it is up to you
  4. Enter any other fields you think are important
  5. Save

Now you can place an Order with this Virtual Customer corresponding with each of your farmers market Orders using standard products or customized products above. 

The first method listed above is probably the easier method, but we understand that different peoples’ minds work differently, so we presented two ways of organizing farmers market samples to show people how the flexibility of SeedLeaf can work for many different organization styles.